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SLO Quilters

San Luis Obispo, California

Standing Rules - SLO Quilters, Inc.

I. General Membership Meetings

  1. General membership meetings shall be held the second Monday of every month at a time and place established by the Board of Directors.
  2. There will be no sales by any member without approval from the Executive Board.
  3. Members are asked to not bring pets to the meetings.

II. Equipment

  1. Elected Officers, Standing Committees, and Special Committees shall maintain Procedure Manuals (binders).
  2. Procedure Manuals will include Bylaws, Standing Rules, Financial Guidelines, including Committee’s Budget, Check Request forms, and Income forms.
  3. President shall store microphone and speaker.
  4. Program Chairperson shall store portable quilt racks.
  5. Storage shed will be used to store all unused supplies.

III. Membership

  1. Membership list may not be used for commercial purposes.
  2. Annual Individual Membership dues of $20 are payable by July and will be one half ($10) from January to July.
  3. A junior member, under the age of 18, will have his/her membership fee waived, with the sponsorship of a paying member.
  4. Membership shall be published in a directory and distributed in September of each year.

IV. Newsletter

  1. All members shall receive a monthly newsletter.
  2. Newsletter shall include notice of upcoming meetings.

V. Door Prize

  1. Members attending meetings shall be eligible for a door prize.


These Standing Rules may be changed or amended by a majority vote of the Board of Directors of
SLO Quilters, Inc.

Original Standing Rules Adopted June 24, 1994
Standing Rules Revised in 2003
Standing Rules Revised & approved by Membership April 11, 2005
Standing Rules Revised & approved by Membership, August 8, 2016
Standing Rules Revised & approved by Membership, March 12, 2018