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The Guild donates small comfort quilts to a number of organizations throughout the year. These quilts are made by the individual members with encouragement by the Community Quilt coordinators. Donated fabric and low cost batting are available for members use. Throughout the year quilt packets are made available at the monthly meetings, and once a year there is a meeting set aside to highlight all of the organizations to which we contribute.



The staff at SART (of SLO County) examines and interviews children (and some adults) who are suspected of being physically or sexually abused or severely neglected. During the process they are given a quilt as a “cover-up” and a comfort. They chose their own quilt, and they get to keep it. It’s the first step in the recovery process.

The quilts range in size from 36”x42” (a standard panel size) for the youngest, to approx 40/42" x50/52" for the older ones. They should be cheery and appeal to girls, boys, teens and adult women.

Adult Chemo Cozies

We donate these quilts to the Dignity Health Infusion Center.They are lap-sized or a bit larger (approx. 40” x 50” to 46” x 56”). They receive a quilt at their first visit if they want one and return with it for follow up appointments. They go to men as well as women, and the more adult colors or themes are welcome.


Teen Pregnancy and Parenting Program (TAPP)
This is a program through EOC Health Services of SLO County. They provide assistance to teen mothers and focus on keeping them in school to finish their high school diploma and/or obtain education to prepare them for a job. Baby quilts are the request here. One or both sides can be flannel, but that is not a necessity. The 36" x 42" (a yard of fabric) is a good size. The teen mothers have very little, and really appreciate the handmade quilts.


Quilts of Valor

These quilts go to veterans and wounded soldiers through a nation wide program. There are a number of specific requirements such as the quilts should be patriotic in theme and measure 55" to 65" wide by 72" to 90" long. For a full list of requirements, go to the Quilts of Valor Requirements page at the Quilts of Valor website. A member of the guild will take care of the quilting if you wish her to do so.

Skilled Nursing Patients

Quilts appealing to the older generation, but still colorful and cheerful are donated to Mission View Care Center in SLO.Lap size is still a requirement – 36" x 42" to 40" x 50" being good. They are most often used on the patients laps when they are transported in their wheelchairs.

Fabric Donations

The Community Quilt Coordinators do accept donations of fabric to use in the quilts.  However, due to the large quantity we already have on hand, we have needed to become more selective in what we can accept.  Colorful, cheery fabric is always welcome.  Please call and talk to us about your donation before dropping it off.

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Christmas Stockings

Each year in November members of the Guild make and donate 200-300 Christmas stockings to Social Service for distribution to foster children. These stockings are filled by Social Services with assistance from other local organizations.

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Emergency Needs

Throughout the years SLO Quilters have responded to calls for quilts following a variety of disasters: fire, flood, etc. These quilts are usually collected and distributed by a quilt guild close to the affected area. We have also responded to local needs of various sorts where we felt the donation of a quilt or two would help individuals in distress.
During the rainy winter months a number of quilts are donated to the Prado Day Center when they are requesting items for those in need of warm clothing and blankets. These quilts often make use of donated fabric of a darker, more durable nature.

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